Anti Bot Integration


As many of you are aware, the exploitation of contracts is a very real and present issue in the cryptocurrency industry. To address this issue, LitBit Finance has developed an Anti-Bot Integration utility that can be added as an option to all projects on the platform.

What is the Anti-Bot Integration?

LitBit's Anti-Bot Integration is a security feature that safeguards the integrity of contracts and other sensitive documents from being exploited by those with malicious intent. This feature helps to ensure that projects are not ruined by bad actors who are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

How does it work?

The Anti-Bot Integration utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and prevent malicious activity on the platform. When a user attempts to interact with a contract or other sensitive document, the system will perform a series of checks to determine if the user is a legitimate participant or a bot. If the system determines that the user is a bot, the user will be blocked from accessing the contract or document.

How can Project Owners use it?

Project owners have the option to include the Anti-Bot Integration when creating a project on LitBit Finance. Once the project is created, the Anti-Bot Integration will automatically be enabled for all users interacting with the project. This ensures that the project is protected from the start and provides peace of mind for both project owners and investors.

How can users use it?

Users do not need to take any additional steps to use the Anti-Bot Integration. The system will automatically perform the necessary checks and block any malicious activity. However, it is always good practice for users to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may encounter on the platform.


The Anti-Bot Integration on LitBit Finance is a crucial security feature that helps to protect projects and investors from malicious actors. By providing an added layer of security, the Anti-Bot Integration helps to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensures that everyone can use LitBit Finance with confidence.

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