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Welcome to LitBit

A tier-1 multi-chain ecosystem
Lit-Bit Finance is built on transparency and mindfulness of the business transactions conducted in our ecosystem. Our priority is to introduce investors and clients to our premium projects managed by highly knowledgeable and respected professionals that can deliver quality in a timely fashion. Together, our team has over 20 years of experience managing real-world businesses and projects digitally and in person. We understand the struggles on both sides of a project, from the investors and the project teams themselves. This is where we shine, focusing on seeking out, vetting, and finding only the most profitable and promising projects and teams in the markets and bringing them to you. This will alleviate the stressors that individual retail investors face when seeking a “safe” project for long-term investments, and as far as the project teams are concerned, we offer an incubation process to give project teams all the tools needed for a successful launch and continuing growth. Quality is our main focus; this is evident through our company's strive to not only offer the best products to the world but also through our collaborative efforts within our ecosystem.


The lack of quality and accountability of projects that are introduced into the crypto space, the unfairness of whale investors seizing control of every tiered system or investment opportunity. IDO and ICO platforms that undermine the security, stability, and responsiveness of their infrastructure, which puts a high risk to the investment of each participant
  • Currently, the projects introduced to the crypto space lack the guarantee of quality and accountability
  • Whale investors have the opportunity to unfairly seize control of tiered systems and investment opportunities
  • The infrastructures if IDO and ICO platforms are often characterized by lack of security, stability, and responsiveness putting each participants investment at risk.
  • The absence of multiple income streams available to investors either early or new
  • The challenge and shortage of resources to spend cryptocurrency
  • The inefficiency and inability of cross-chain income streams on NFT marketplaces


Vigorously vet projects, teams, and contracts to ensure quality over quantity. Offer project incubation that maximizes exposure, potential growth, and longevity. Implement security protocols that protect our community utilizing our token vault, and liquidity lockers and also provide equality for every investor with our anti-whale lottery system. Develop a state-of-the-art sustainable ecosystem, driven by a community of token holders where governance will be executed through voting but core principles will never be changed.
  • LitBit offers an extensive vetting process whose sole purpose is to protect our users and maintain the integrity of one of our main business core values, quality or quantity. Our dedicated team of researchers conducts a thorough team and project analysis, they collect and verify personal and business documentation to ensure accountability.
  • LitBit provides owners with first-class project incubation that maximizes exposure, growth, and longevity. When a project joins our elite community, we both share the responsibility for the success of the project.
  • The LitBit security protocol is designed to protect users utilizing our Token Vault and Liquidity locker, while also, procuring an anti-whale Lit Power system to maintain fairness for every investor.
  • LitBit Staking and Farming System provides mechanics from which an investor can earn passive income that is paid in LitBit's native token, stable coins or NFT's.
  • The LitBit NFT marketplace delivers cross-chain compatibility, to ensure that every project owner or artist has access to a plethora of buyers and sellers across the crypto space.
  • LitBit payment protocol breaks the boundaries of the limitations of spending your hard-earned crypto. It incorporates artificial intelligence technology so that it is easily integrated into any online eCommerce store without the interaction of the store owner.
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