Content Creators

Energize the community with your creative power! As a Content Creator, you play a crucial role in driving the adoption of LitBit by producing original and informative content that appeals to a wide audience.

Your curiosity and passion for understanding the interests of others will guide you in crafting engaging content that educates and answers the questions of the wider public. There are no limits to the types of content you can create, whether it be guides, podcasts, articles, LitBit Reddit posts, designs, tutorials, technical writing, infographics, or videos.

We encourage you to adopt an outside-in perspective, considering the audience consuming your content and anticipating their questions. As an expert in your field, you have the power to distill complex concepts into digestible and meaningful insights.

Applicants for the Content Creator role do not require any specific background. To be eligible, you must provide at least three previously published pieces of content. These will be reviewed to assess the type, quality, and alignment with the values of the LitBit brand. *Please note that content related to price and trading is not eligible for rewards.

Your dedication as a Content Creator will contribute significantly to spreading awareness and understanding of LitBit. Through your creative endeavors, we can empower individuals to explore the possibilities and benefits of our ecosystem.

Level 1: Beginner
  • Monthly reward: Max $100 *60 Day Probation

  • Additional rewards: LitBit-branded merchandise, exclusive access to beta releases and new features, and recognition on the LitBit website and social media channels.

Level 2: Intermediate
  • Monthly reward: Max $250

  • Additional rewards: Increased exposure through featured content promotion, invitations to exclusive events and conferences, networking opportunities with industry experts, and increased visibility on LitBit's communication platforms.

Level 3: Advanced
  • Monthly reward: Max $1000

  • Additional rewards: Special projects and collaborations, potential sponsorship opportunities, direct access to the LitBit team for collaboration and feedback, priority consideration for future ambassador roles.

Rewards are based on Content Volume, Engagement Metrics, Community Growth, Platform Diversification, Collaboration, and Brand Alignment. *The LitBit Ambassador Program is in BETA and may change as it develops

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