LitPower - Dashboard for IDO participation

A central place for all your lottery details
The Litpower dashboard is the primary section for Lottery participation where you will have access to a set of options to participate by staking your tokens for a minimum of 15 days. The dashboard will provide all the info needed to know about the results of the lottery and their IDO participation with a user-friendly interface.
Participating in an IDO can be a challenging and time-consuming process. To streamline the process and make it easier, LitBit's LitPower will facilitate IDO participation through a lottery system.

Lottery System

The lottery system is designed to be fair and transparent for all participants, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance of winning a spot in the IDO. The lottery will be conducted using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees that the results are tamper-proof and verifiable by anyone.


The process of participating in the IDO through the lottery system is simple and straightforward. First, users will need to purchase LitPower tokens and stake them for a minimum of 15 days. They will then have the option to participate in the lottery for any upcoming IDOs. Once the lottery is conducted, the winners will be announced, and they will be able to participate in the IDO.


The LitPower dashboard will provide users with all the necessary information they need to participate in the lottery, including the current token price, the total supply, the total staked tokens, the upcoming IDOs, and the winners of previous lotteries. It will also provide users with detailed information about the projects that are conducting IDOs, including the project's whitepaper, team, and roadmap.
The LitPower dashboard will also provide users with the option to view their participation history, including the number of tokens they have staked, the number of lotteries they have participated in, and their IDO participation history. Users will also be able to track the progress of their staked tokens and the returns they have earned.

how the system works:

Register For The IDO:

To participate in an IDO through the LitPower dashboard, investors will first need to connect with the platform. This involves establishing a wallet where funds can be transferred, and completing a KYC/AML check.

Participate In The Lottery:

Once connected, investors can participate in the IDO lottery by choosing the IDO they want to participate in and submitting an entry. The number of entries an investor can have will depend on the number of tickets they hold. The tickets can be acquired through a token sale or by locking up a certain amount of tokens for a set period of time.

Wait For The Lottery Results:

After the lottery period has ended, LitBit will randomly select the winners from all of the entries received. The winners will be able to check if they won through the dashboard, and they will have a limited window of time to claim their allocation.

Claim Your Allocation:

If you are a winner in the lottery, you will need to claim your allocation by participating in the IDO. From there, your allocation will be placed in a secure token vault where it will be managed and distributed according to the vesting schedule and other terms and conditions established by the project.

Token Vault:

The token vault is a secure and transparent smart contract that holds the tokens allocated to the investors. The vault ensures that the tokens are locked up according to the vesting schedule and can only be transferred to the investors' wallets once the lock-up period is over. This ensures that the tokens are not dumped on the market right after the IDO and creates a fair opportunity for all investors.
LitBit's dashboard with the lottery system offers a number of benefits for investors. By streamlining the process of participating in an IDO and using a randomized selection process, LitBit's platform can help to promote fairness and reduce the risk of market manipulation.
Additionally, the use of a token vault can provide an added layer of security for investor funds, and ensure that the tokens are not dumped on the market right after the IDO. Overall, LitBit's dashboard with lottery systems is a valuable tool for investors looking to participate in IDOs in a more convenient, secure and fair way.