Updated 10/17/22
What is LitBit’s token address?
LitBit is currently building an elite ecosystem and has not launched yet therefore there is no contract address for LitBit Finance currently. They will make an announcement on their official social channels when they launch.
Does LitBit have official social media accounts?
All of the official social channels can be found here: Offical Links​
What are the LitBit Tokenomics?
Tokenomics can be found here: Tokenomics​
What blockchains will LitBit launch on?
LitBit will initially launch on
  • ETH
What is Lit Power?
Lit Power is an anti-whale system based on an allocation algorithm for fair distribution of chance. The amount of Lit Power a member will have is determined by the amount of time they have $LITS staked.
Members are able to see the status of their Lit Power from the Lit Power Dashboard
What is incubation?
LitBit Incubator will guide promising companies through the fundamental phases of development until they are robust enough to launch successfully on their own.
A robust amount of resources will be available for projects such as technology, DEX partnerships, and transferring know-how to chosen projects from our professional advisors.
Projects can apply for consideration in the Incubator program at: TBA