Subscription Creation

Projects have the ability to create subscriptions for upcoming token sales using the subscription format. The subscription format is a great way for individuals to indicate their interest in purchasing a new token and to allocate their funds accordingly.

This section will be easily accessible for users to navigate to and will provide all the necessary information and steps required to create a subscription.

Step 1:

Users will be prompted to enter the amount they would like to commit to the subscription.

Step 2:

Once the user confirms the amount and payment method, the platform will verify the funds and allocation accordingly.

Step 3:

After the funds have been verified, the subscription will be created, and the user will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the subscription including the token name, the total amount committed, and the final allocation of the token.

Step 4:

As more users create subscriptions, the platform will display the total amount committed by all participating users on the frontend, allowing individuals to see the level of demand for the new token and adjust their subscriptions accordingly.

Step 5:

At the end of the subscription period, the tokens will be distributed to the users according to the proportion of each individual's committed investment to the total amount committed by all participating users.

In summary, the subscription creation section will allow users to indicate their interest in purchasing a new token, allocate their funds, and keep track of the level of demand from other participating users, all in a simple and easy-to-use manner.

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