The LitBit community thrives on the contributions of dedicated individuals like you. As a Moderator, you play a pivotal role in creating a positive and welcoming environment for community members. We are seeking individuals with diverse professional backgrounds, languages, and experiences to join our team and nurture the growth of LitBit.

As a people-oriented individual, you will engage closely with community members and guide newcomers in various official channels, including LitBit's Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and language-specific platforms. Moderators from different parts of the world ensure round-the-clock coverage across different time zones, fostering an inclusive and supportive community.

Your responsibilities as a Moderator include welcoming newcomers, upholding the Code of Conduct, maintaining a friendly and constructive atmosphere, providing insightful information, and addressing questions from community members.

To be eligible for this role, we seek applicants who are well-known community members actively engaged in one or more of our social media channels, recognized for their positive contributions and their ability to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You should have a deep understanding of the social media platform(s) you will moderate and actively participate in daily activities.

The suitability of an applicant for the role of Moderator is assessed by our current moderators for the relevant channel. Additionally, the LItBit Community Management Team reviews platform metrics, such as Reddit karma score, Telegram activity or other metrics they feel would be relevant, to ensure that applicants meet the necessary qualifications for assuming this responsibility.

By becoming a Moderator, you join a passionate and diverse community of individuals committed to the success of LitBit. Your contributions will shape the community's experience and foster a culture of inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Level 1 - Moderator
  • Monthly reward: upto 100 LitBit Tokens

  • Additional rewards: Special recognition on official communication channels, exclusive access to Moderator discussions and resources, priority access to LitBit events.

Level 2 - Senior Moderator
  • Monthly reward: 200 LitBit tokens.

  • Additional rewards: Increased visibility and authority as a Senior Moderator, special invitations to exclusive events and conferences, priority access to project updates and news, opportunities for collaboration with other senior community members.

Level 3 - Lead Moderator
  • Monthly reward: 300 LitBit tokens.

  • Additional rewards: The highest level of recognition and influence within the Moderator community, direct involvement in community decision-making processes, personal mentorship and guidance from LitBit Community Managers, opportunities for speaking engagements, and thought leadership in LitBit.

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