Meetup Organizers

Make a tangible impact in the real world by bringing people together through LitBit meetups. At LitBit, we believe in the power of face-to-face interactions and aim to connect like-minded individuals in the pursuit of blockchain adoption.

Whether you have prior experience attending or organizing meetups or are starting fresh, we welcome your enthusiasm and commitment to uniting the LitBit community. Organizing a meetup is an entrepreneurial endeavor that allows you to showcase your leadership and make a positive change.

To help you succeed, we provide comprehensive toolkits, guidelines, swag, and rewards. These resources empower you to host successful events and create a vibrant community around LitBit. We recommend having a team of 2–3 organizers, but exceptional meetups can be organized by a single individual.

As an Ambassador, you can apply for rewards from your third meetup onward. To maintain your Ambassador status, it is essential to host a meetup at least once every three months. Before starting a meetup, we encourage you to check if there is an existing group in your area on the LitBit Telegram channel Meetups. Collaborating with fellow LitBit enthusiasts can amplify the impact of your events.

To familiarize yourself with best practices and gain valuable insights, we recommend reading the LitBit Meetup PDF and reviewing the Meetup Guidelines.

Regardless of your background, anyone interested in hosting meetup events is eligible to become a Meetup Organizer. To qualify, you must have hosted at least two LitBit community meetups, each with a minimum of 10 attendees, in the three months prior to your application. Please provide valid URL links of your meetup group and proof of previously hosted events.

By becoming a Meetup Organizer, you play a vital role in fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and driving adoption within the LitBit community.

Level 1: Beginner
  • Quarterly reward payment: upto $200

  • Additional rewards: LitBit-branded merchandise, access to exclusive meetup organizer resources and toolkits, and recognition on the LitBit website and social media channels.

Level 2: Intermediate
  • Quarterly reward payment: upto $400

  • Additional rewards: Increased exposure through featured event promotion, invitations to exclusive virtual meetups with industry leaders, networking opportunities with other meetup organizers, and increased visibility on LitBit's communication platforms.

Level 3: Advanced
  • Quarterly reward payment: upto $600

  • Additional rewards: Special projects and collaborations, potential sponsorship opportunities for meetup events, direct access to the LitBit team for collaboration and support, and priority consideration for future ambassadorship roles.

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