With the power to bridge language barriers, Translators play a vital role in expanding LitBit's global reach and driving adoption worldwide. As a Translator, you have the opportunity to make a global impact by sharing knowledge and resources in multiple languages, accelerating LitBit's growth and influence.

Fluency in both the target language and English, coupled with a strong passion for elevating the LitBit community, is what sets our Translators apart. By translating newsletters, announcements, guides, documentation, and other materials, you help to disseminate crucial information to non-English speaking audiences, enabling them to fully engage with LitBit's project.

We welcome individuals who are fluent in the target languages and English, regardless of their specific background or expertise. As a Translator, you have the opportunity to proactively identify content that can be translated, contributing to the ongoing development of LitBit's non-English library.

To be eligible for the Translator role, we require that you have already translated written content related to LitBit, such as subtitles for project videos, summaries, articles, blogs, announcements, and more. Additionally, you should have posted and shared your translations on at least one platform.

To maintain the Translator status, we expect that you translate and publish a minimum of 3,000 words in total, with at least 1,000 words translated and published in the month prior to your application.

By joining our team of Translators, you become an essential catalyst for global adoption. Your translations open doors to new communities, enabling individuals worldwide to engage with LitBit and contribute to its growth.

Level 1 - Translator
  • Monthly reward: 50 LitBit tokens.

  • Additional rewards: Recognition on official communication channels, access to Translator community discussions and resources, and priority access to translated content opportunities.

Level 2 - Senior Translator:
  • Monthly reward: 100 LitBit tokens.

  • Additional rewards: Increased visibility and authority as a Senior Translator, special invitations to exclusive Translator events and conferences, priority access to project updates and news, and opportunities for collaboration with other senior community members.

Level 3 - Lead Translator
  • Monthly reward: 150 LitBit tokens.

  • Additional rewards: The highest level of recognition and influence within the Translator community, direct involvement in decision-making processes, personal mentorship and guidance from LitBit Community Managers, opportunities for speaking engagements and thought leadership in LitBit.

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