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About LitBit

LitBit is poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain investments, setting its sights on becoming a Tier 1 Launchpad. With a foundation built on a highly experienced team, esteemed partners, and industry-leading advisors, LitBit is committed to elevating the standard of projects within the blockchain space through meticulous vetting and comprehensive incubation. Our multi-chain ecosystem ensures that we can host a diverse range of projects, highlighting our belief that our strength lies in the quality of the projects we nurture.

Founders & Quotes:

[Founder & CEO Steve Jones] - With over a decade of experience in blockchain, Steve Jones leads LitBit with a vision to democratize investment opportunities in the blockchain space. Quote: "At LitBit, our mission is to introduce highly vetted, incubated projects, ensuring they are not just promising on paper but are equipped with the necessary tools and strategies for success."

[Founder & CFO Tino Skelin] - With extensive experience in finance and blockchain economics, Tino Skelin ensures LitBit's financial strategies are solid and sustainable. Quote: "Our approach to LitBit in the blockchain world is meticulous and forward-thinking, ensuring longevity and success."

[Founder & COO Hector Landron] - Armed with an extensive background in steering complex initiatives, Hector Landron plays a crucial role in guiding LitBit's operational strategies toward efficiency and scalability. Quote: "Our operational methodology within the blockchain ecosystem is both detailed and visionary, crafted to ensure sustained growth and achievement."

[Founder & CMO Brad Sparks] - Specializing in crafting and executing impactful marketing strategies, Brad Sparks is instrumental in propelling LitBit's brand visibility and market growth. Quote: "Our marketing approach in the blockchain sector is thorough and innovative, designed to foster robust expansion and success."

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Contact Information:

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LitBit Platform:

  • Multi-Chain Support: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

  • Key Features: Comprehensive Project Vetting, Incubation Program, Secure Investment Process, Multi-Chain Support.

  • IDO Date: March 8, 2024.

  • Location: www.LitBit.Finance

  • Investment Currency: BSC/USDC.

  • Minimum Investment: $50.

  • Maximum Investment: $8,000.

Security Features:

  • Multi-Sig Wallets for Project Funds.

  • Anti-whale Lottery.

  • Pre vetted projects.


  • Partnerships with leading blockchain analysis and advisory firms.

  • Continuous platform updates for feature enhancements and security.

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